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The DRUME Hand is a percussion instrument from the idiophone family (instruments that create sounds through the vibration of the material itself without requiring strings, membranes, or external resonators). 

It is a very melodic percussion instrument and highly appreciated for its relaxing sounds and ease of playing, which does not require any particular technique. Anyone without practice can easily pick one up and start playing, with the number of slats or "tongues" equal to the number of notes it can produce. You can either use mallets or your own hands to produce sound.

The sound of a DRUME Hand is similar to the sound of the Tibetan bowl used by Buddhist monks in meditation and has a similar transformational effect. The DRUME Hand has eleven tones of full octave instead of only one, so you can also make music.

The DRUME Hand has a very special effect on people, who often become transfixed or mesmerized. It can be a very useful tool in healing, therapy and relaxation techniques of all kinds. Our customers have included Reiki healers and all kinds of therapists, from new age, holistic therapies to those working with groups of children and people with disabilities.

The strong meditative tones of our instruments are calming and great for relaxing anytime. Meditation. Yoga. Sound Therapy. Hiking. Camping. Music Development. Simply place your hands around one of our musical instruments and instantly master the art of playing blissful music.

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