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Microforest Pendant

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Not all products featured on Borealism are meant to espouse a physiological effect - mental and perceptible benefits are just as important in the scheme of incorporating nature and wilderness into daily living. 

In this way, aesthetic reverence plays a key role in the philosophy underlying all that Borealism stands for: to promote the wilderness, to cherish it and pay homage however possible. 

And so it's a privilege to be partnered with The Lunar Lion, which offers hand-crafted and nature-inspired decor and accessories. One of which includes this Microforest pendant, which I religiously wear in hopes that I could appreciate and be reminded of the wilderness with me whenever I find myself away from it.

This Microforest pendant encapsulates the feel of the wild - using Canadian Pine and other naturally-sourced materials, a piece of the Northern wilderness is suspended in high-quality resin. This meticulously designed piece offers a portable solution to those who may sometimes feel disconnected from nature. 

Own or give a small piece of the bountiful Northern wilderness in the form of this pendant - hand-chosen, crafted, carved and designed with nothing but reverence in mind.

Science & Philosophy

In his study, Neighborhood Greenspace and Health in a Large Urban Centre, Marc Berman and other scientists concluded that the simple perceptible encounter with greenery leads to significant higher health perception and an array of other physiological benefits. This is why more and more architectural designs and interior decorative schematics are incorporating vegetation, why dentists and doctors office utilize forest imagery and why people are slowly realizing the perceptual benefits of plants and flora: our minds seem to be subconsciously attracted to vitality and life, to nature and living organisms. 

Biophilia, a concept coined by Eric Fromm, details that human beings possess an innate preference for all that is alive and vital, that we prefer living organisms and vegetation over inanimate objects and artificiality. To fill our lives with nature wherever possible - from jewelry to office space - should be considered a priority when it comes to mental well being and mindful living.