• Exploring Human Nature

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Exploring Human Nature

Chasing Curiosity

Expanding Perspective

Dreams Through Time: A Compendium

“The dream is the small hidden door in the deepest and most intimate sanctum of the soul, which opens to that primeval cosmic night that was soul long before there was conscious ego and will be soul far beyond what a conscious ego could ever reach.”


The Ultimacy of Unity [and The Dynamics of Deprivation], with Mark McCormack

"We are self-resilient, self-reliant. And an incredible capacity of which we can pay tribute to our ancestors for enduring incredibly difficult environmental circumstances and still pulling through for the species. I’m hoping to bring some of that honor back, because we are losing that."


Evolving Evolution, with Michael Wong

"We can’t just confine evolution to biology, we have to expand it... because life as we know it is a dynamic system of all these different molecules playing together and reinforcing one another, keeping the entire system stable and able to resist perturbations, learning about its environment and being creative and curious."


An Ageless Debate, with Rajendra Gupta

"We all have a quest to increase the scope of our knowledge... It does not mean what was done in the past was wrong or a mistake. It only means that every theory has its limitations. Extrapolating this, we could say that no theory or model is good for everything or forever."

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Ordinance of Time, with Carlo Rovelli

“The ability to understand something before it’s observed is at the heart of scientific thinking.”


On Cosmogenesis, with Brian Swimme

"There’s a primordial desire to know the nature of the reality we find ourselves in"


Emissions of the Mind, with John Kruth

"If this effect was a result of entanglement, it is acting similar to other effects that have been described by quantum physicists. Though it is an anomaly which doesn’t fit into the materialistic model that has driven physics for centuries, it is clearly a repeatable and predictable phenomenon."


Slip Stream Consciousness, with Andrew Budson

“What is completely new about this theory is that it suggests we don’t perceive the world, make decisions, or perform actions directly. Instead, we do all these things unconsciously and then — about half a second later — consciously remember doing them.”



Lucid Biorhythmic Cadence

A new kind of flow state, synchronizing our neurochemical deployments, psychological states and physiological responsivity

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Zero[+] Time

On why we’ve been counting in the wrong direction, and how to open our perspective of time as something that accumulates rather than diminishes

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Field of [Lucid] Dreams, with David Saunders

"As far as the brain is concerned, actions performed within a dream are real actions... leading to measurable improvements in waking life."


Patterning the Fabric of the Cosmos, with Margaret Geller

"We were all in speechless awe when we saw it... what we now call the cosmic web, the pattern of thin filaments and walls of galaxies that defines our universe."


A Head of His Time, with Sergio Canavero

"I specialized in direct cortical stimulation. And when you elicit states of activation, you wonder how the heck is it possible that that smooth, rosy tissue can drive conscious states. However if you look at it as filtering consciousness and shaping it (personality, identity), then everything gets easier to follow."


Cyberfunk, with Rizwan Virk

“Simulation theory may become the first real new religion of the twenty first century”


Back In Orbit: The Debate Over 'Oumuamua, with Avi Loeb

"Given all we know, I would say that an artificial origin is still more plausible than the `natural origin' models proposed so far" - Avi Loeb, responding to the institutionalized skepticism of this symbolic interstellar anomaly.


Matters of the Mind, with Dawson Church

"Consciousness thus begins to shape neurological activity. Used consistently, the software of your mind creates the hardware of your brain."


Cosmic Death Rays, with Carolina Z. Vieria

"This is not sci-fi and fiction, this is quite real.  Although it seems our bodies and everything around us are made of strong and real matter, all of this condensed ‘matter’ is made of atoms that are pure energy with particular frequencies.  Our studies have found that our physiology and behavior are highly sensitive to exposures to natural solar activity-driven magnetic and electromagnetic radiation."


Currents of Consciousness, with Amit Goswami

“Consciousness is the agency that collapses the wave of a quantum object, which exists in potentia, making it an immanent particle in the world of manifestation.”


The Power of Creation, with Yann Martel

“That’s what fiction is about, isn’t it, the selective transforming of reality? The twisting of it to bring out its essence?”


"Human nature is not obliged to be consistent."

― Lucy Maud Montgomery

You are an aperture through which the universe is looking at and exploring itself.”

― Alan Watts

“The universe is wider than our views of it.”

– Henry David Thoreau

7 Q's | 7 A's

MarsOne Astronaut; Ethical Hacker; Alaskan Dry-Cabin Resident; Israeli Military Officer; Former Ivory Poacher; Cognitive Neuroscientist; Health Reporter


The Human Animal with Forrest Galante

"I believe human beings have an intrinsic desire to explore. It goes against our basic evolution to be sedentary, live indoors and be removed from nature" 

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Just a Speck in the Cosmos with Govert Schilling

"Here’s what I’ve come to realize: we may be hard to find in space and time, but we are very much an integral part of a wonderful whole."