• Exploring Human Nature

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Exploring Human Nature

Chasing Curiosity

Expanding Perspective

A Head of His Time, with Sergio Canavero

"I specialized in direct cortical stimulation. And when you elicit states of activation, you wonder how the heck is it possible that that smooth, rosy tissue can drive conscious states. However if you look at it as filtering consciousness and shaping it (personality, identity), then everything gets easier to follow."


Back In Orbit: The Debate Over 'Oumuamua, with Avi Loeb

"Given all we know, I would say that an artificial origin is still more plausible than the `natural origin' models proposed so far" - Avi Loeb, responding to the institutionalized skepticism of this symbolic interstellar anomaly.


Cyberfunk, with Rizwan Virk

“Simulation theory may become the first real new religion of the twenty first century”


On Neuroplasticity: Meditation versus Micro-dosing

The Hiss

Running the Wim Hof Method through a neurological understanding; how neuroplasticity can shape the intuitional interface through which we perceive reality. Read here.

The Fizz

Examining micro-dosing through an understanding of neuroplasticity; how micro-dosing can really work to redefine our perspectives. Read here.

Neonminds, with Penny White

"The neuroplasticity that psychedelics offer may be able to reduce our Pavlovian-like responses to environmental and emotional stimuli, essentially wiping the mind clean and clearing neural pathways that are responsible for our actions"


The Power of Creation, with Yann Martel

“That’s what fiction is about, isn’t it, the selective transforming of reality? The twisting of it to bring out its essence?”


Matters of the Mind, with Dawson Church

"Consciousness thus begins to shape neurological activity. Used consistently, the software of your mind creates the hardware of your brain."


On Cosmic Death Rays, with Dr. Carolina Z. Vieria

"This is not sci-fi and fiction, this is quite real.  Although it seems our bodies and everything around us are made of strong and real matter, all of this condensed ‘matter’ is made of atoms that are pure energy with particular frequencies.  Our studies have found that our physiology and behavior are highly sensitive to exposures to natural solar activity-driven magnetic and electromagnetic radiation."


Currents of Consciousness, with Dr. Amit Goswami

“Consciousness is the agency that collapses the wave of a quantum object, which exists in potentia, making it an immanent particle in the world of manifestation.”


"Human nature is not obliged to be consistent."

― Lucy Maud Montgomery

You are an aperture through which the universe is looking at and exploring itself.”

― Alan Watts

“The universe is wider than our views of it.”

– Henry David Thoreau

The P2P Simulation Hypothesis, with Professor Marcus Arvan

"Your consciousness is then running another version of the simulation, and so on, for every conscious observer in the universe. Insofar as all of our simulations are networked together, we observe what appears to be a single, inter-subjective world we all experience together: ‘the Universe.’"


The Everest Effect: Adventurism, Ego & The Commodification of Experience

"This all seems like the product of an ADHD culture that fetishizes the accumulation of exotic and thrilling experiences"


7 Q's | 7 A's

MarsOne Astronaut; Ethical Hacker; Alaskan Dry-Cabin Resident; Israeli Military Officer; Former Ivory Poacher; Cognitive Neuroscientist; Health Reporter


The Human Animal with Forrest Galante

"I believe human beings have an intrinsic desire to explore. It goes against our basic evolution to be sedentary, live indoors and be removed from nature" 

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What if... we realized we had been living in a computer simulation? [With Dr. David Kyle Johnson]

"Perhaps the Being simulating our world is only interested in it as long as we don’t know it’s simulated. So, as soon as we do… *plug pulled.*"


Just a Speck in the Cosmos with Govert Schilling

"Here’s what I’ve come to realize: we may be hard to find in space and time, but we are very much an integral part of a wonderful whole."


Ascended Perspective with Fraser Corsan

"The sky is a brilliant dark blue above me and crisp bright blue towards the horizon. People are commuting into work in their cars doing 60mph, oblivious the man in a suit overtaking them at over 200mph from 3 miles above"

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5 Q's | 5 A's

Simulated Professor; Director of Death; Producer of a Wilderness Spy Program; Political Speech Writer; CBC Grief Reporter


Journey Into the Inner Realms with Iain Miller

"This is an extremely dangerous place to be because if you are truly in the moment you can have the mistaken belief that you are immortal."

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