Pro-Active & Customized Nutrition

It’s not something that many of us have largely paid much attention to until recently, whereby it’s rapidly evolved into a full-blown trend over the last decade: pro-active and customized nutrition planning in order to optimize physical performance. 

Call it what you will – smart or healthy eating, clean living or detoxing, dieting or meal planning. However, the likes of icons like Tom Brady or Colin O’Brady are slowly but surely defying the laws of supposed human capability to reveal that our nourishment regimes matter plenty more than we seem to think they do.

The endocrine system, like our mainstream interest in nutrition, is something that’s taking up more and more spotlight today than it did yesterday. Evermore importance is being placed on the glandular release of hormones and their relation to everything from our sleep patterns and our moods to our metabolism and blood flow. In short, the regulation and homeostasis of our physiology is being looked at with increasing significance and, unsurprisingly, nutrition is being regarded as a major element in the equation. 

"Thousands of chemical signals are releasing and chemical reactions happen inside a body in regulated fashion to keep our cells healthy and working. Since the endocrine system is regulated by the subcortical structures (pineal and pituitary gland) of the brain, it is involved in the unconscious regulation of our body…

...Nutrients play a major role in providing nutrition to each organ and gland to efficiently fulfil their function. Without nutritional balance, our body is inefficient to manufacture energy needed for metabolism." -


So why does it really matter? An endocrinological imbalance can mean anything from mild depression to deleterious physical consequences – diseases of the reproduction system, hyper or hypo thyroidisms, stunted cell growth or metabolic disruption and a litany of other glandular-based disorders.

And so, nutrition goes a long way in this conversation because it’s one of the main ways by which we can balance things out. In another way to phrase it, it’s also one way by which we can cause drastic imbalances through the invariably questionable and processed foods that are available to us today.

For myself, I’ve recently come to learn that nutrition is everything - before a game, during an excursion of some kind, prior to a workout or any strenuous activity. Some combinations and substances help me get into a state of optimal physical performance while others can get me into a state of peak mental function. Likewise, some foods can dampen, hamper and greatly compromise physical or mental capability.

“Our food should be our medicine and our medicine should be our food. “ – Hippocrates

There are, of course, two ways by which we can perceive this phenomenon – on the macro and long term scale and the micro and short term scale.

Over time, how do all the pesticides that we consume, the saturated and trans fats, artificial sweeteners and refined sugars, stabilizers and thickeners, flavorings and colorings truly effect us? We know the effects of some of these substances and we’re beginning to learn more by the year, but studies are still slow to emerge into a persuading position atop the mainstream podium.

Beyond that, it takes a lot of time to truly understand these workings as they occur over the course of a human lifespan. 

What’s interesting is the short term scale - the almost-immediate cause-and-effect - because we can actually gauge this by ourselves. We can feel if a certain food makes us tired or weary, alert or energized. It’s difficult to get into a routine, sure, but it’s wholly possible to scrutinize the effect that anything has on our systems. While a lot of it may consist of guess-work and trial-and-error, it’s the conscious awareness that brings about useful results.

All this may be a long-winded way to push the idea of simply being aware of what’s consumed and the effect it may have on us, either over the next few hours or next few days. To be weary of certain processed foods and to opt for purity rather than taste (though taste need not be sacrificed) and to realize the potential of eating in a well-thought-out way.

The Custom Quick Eats Difference

This is why, personally, I’m thrilled to be partnering with Custom Quick Eats to embark upon a journey of nutrient discovery, whereby I’ve been relying upon (and continue to rely upon) their light-weight, mighty convenient, instant and healthy meals to fuel my various excursions through the wilderness.

I've supplemented my excursions this summer with the meal kits provided from Custom Quick Eats and have experienced a noticeable improvement when it comes to post-consumption activity. Their well-portioned kits, containing no preservatives, additives or unnecessary compounds for the body to use energy breaking down, are ultra-appropriate for any physical endeavor because they allow for the immediate re-immersion into physical activity. Beyond that, they pack easy, prep easy, and taste great. 

Note that this isn't a claim made by Custom Quick Eats - this is my experience. I've found that I've been more than able to eat and, within minutes, get back onto a trail or into a lake and energetically run, bike or swim for a considerable amount of time. In other words, there's no post-eating break needed, no cramping, bloating or weariness that normally comes about with most other meals in the wilderness.

An added bonus - there's no need to hunker down and unpack copious amounts of gear, get a fire going and bring along pots and pans. Hot water, brought along (even to the point that it becomes warm) is all that's needed. 

Prior to bringing along these meal kits, I had only trusted raw vegetables and the occasional powerbar as a source of energy during any endeavor; it didn't take long to realize that a hearty meal which dampers all physical motivation wasn't worth it unless I found myself spending days in the wilderness, and even then, it was a pain to pack. And so I'm more than pleased to stand behind Custom Quick Eats as a reliable source of energy in the wilderness - one that tastes great and is phenomenally convenient, well-portioned and, above all else, able to deliver the proper nutrients without any energy-draining excess. 

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