The Northcore Connection

Every now and then, it's a pleasure to encounter a company that has an entrancing and captivating sense of depth and excitement about the lifestyle that it promotes. In a noisy market of cookie-cutter brands, retailers, and producers, it's rejuvenating to actually feel the sentiments that a brand is trying to get across. More than just a profit-ventures and much more than just labels, certain companies occasionally emerge from the woodwork and become renowned for the spirit they actually inject into a brand.

Meet Northcore, one such enterprise. After interviewing founder and CEO Matt Strathern, it's difficult to call Northcore a company, because it's much more than that. It's a lifestyle, a project, and an ambition in itself to revolutionize authenticity and consumer engagement in a deeply saturated industry.

In the words of Matt himself:

"Northcore was born from a personal desire to escape city life, reconnect with the ocean and a simpler, fuller family life. Creating the brand and new products enabled me to earn a living and surf more often!  As Northcore has flourished that drive to reconnnect with the wild has filtered through everything we do and produce. Our goal is to inspire and enable like minded surfers and adventurers of all levels to have maximum amount of exposure to the ocean and nature."

It all started from a single, revolutionary product that Matt called the "Keypod" key safe. A first of it's kind on the market, as per Matt's words, and now common across the surfing community and beyond. 

"It's a small contribution to a surfer's way of life but one we're proud of." 

Another thing that I had asked Matt is how Northcore stands above others in a noisy market whereby innumerable other companies promote a similar lifestyle, and why people should look to Northcore specifically.

"Our connection to the harsh surroundings of the British North Sea shaped the Northcore brand and it’s philosophy. Product innovation, toughness, quality  and necessity are all fundamental. First and foremost the products need to stand up Northern winters, big seas and whatever the outdoors can throw at them. The influence of our geographical location has allowed Northcore to forge it's own direction, we follow our own lead and not others. This has allowed us stand out in the market and carve out our own identity in a crowded market place."

For many companies to stay atop the tides of innovative business practices, this continual dedication towards changing consumer ideologies and expectations is crucial. 

That's why Northcore not only rides these waves, but also reaches beyond these tides - expanding towards camping and van life, travel and adventure. It identifies our innate need to stay connected to the wild and addresses it by building uncompromising products to help us enjoy the wilderness all the more. 

Quality is a priority and one that Northcore takes seriously. 
Sustainable practices, a growing and necessary trend, is also something at the forefront of Northcore's vision, as it strives to replace plastics in its packaging and to use recycled, sustainable materials in it's numerous products. 

So what does the future hold in store for Northcore? I asked Matt what he had been the most excited for when looking towards the horizon:

"As Northcore's organic journey continues the direction has been one of expansion from our original and core roots in surfing into a broad range of adventure products, exploration travel and more. Like us, for those who love the outdoors and the ocean then travel, camping, van life and immersion in a range of adventure sports is an integral part of the lifestyle and Northcore embrace our place in that culture.

We've a number of exciting new products in development and the future looks very bright (and hopefully a whole load more fun) for Northcore!"

Matt Strathern is a corporate escapee, self taught business owner, surfer, dreamer and doer.