NIKIN - The Future of Sustainable Consumerism

We look to enter 2020 in a rather bittersweet way. While we continue to plunder the earth's natural resources and devastate corner after corner of our biosphere, we're also growing increasingly aware of the need to lean on renewable energy, to promote reforestation initiatives and adopt increasingly sustainable practices.


Enter NIKIN, a shining example of eco-conscious consumerism in a field that is naturally indifferent when it comes to sustainability.

Based out of Switzerland, NIKIN is dedicated to the planting of one tree per every product sold. As per their website:

"We all grew up in rural areas, and during our time as scouts and from our environment, we learned to appreciate and love nature. We want to make people aware of an important realisation: That our planet, on which we are only guests and who suffers heavily from human influence, is not replaceable. We wanted to take the initiative with NIKIN to show that it does not take much to live more ecologically and therefore do something good for nature. It is high time to wake up and do something about it."

So, tree by tree, NIKIN sets out to reforest the world accordingly along with it's partner (a partner of Borealism as well) OneTreePlanted, having planted almost 200,000 trees at the time of this post. 

Their line of Treewear products is innovative, trendy, fairly produced and environmentally sustainable. Certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard, NIKIN products are made with organically-sourced cotton and in combination with recycled polyester and sustainable alternatives like bamboo or cotton from recycled jeans. 

"We’re honest with ourselves and know that we are not perfect – but we are constantly trying to improve in order to find even better, more sustainable and fairer solutions to come closer to our goal."

The team from Switzerland had founded NIKIN in 2016, aspiring to create a fashion label that carries en ecological effect as their vision. Existing as a mere side project for all four owners, NIKIN finally became an official company in 2018 as it moved away from sole proprietorship, recruiting employees in the areas of marketing, finance, logistics, and communications. 

For a company growing so quickly, NIKIN remains true to its vision and offers an astounding dedication towards excellent customer service and an unparalleled commitment to nature in every level of their operation. 

And in these ways, they exemplify the future of not only fashionable consumerism, but eco-conscious business planning as a whole. They demonstrate that a company's carbon footprint can be lessened if not neutralized, that product quality need not be sacrificed for the worthy sake of nature. 

Perhaps the CEO describes it best in his words:

“NIKIN makes it easy for every person to do something good for the environment by plant a tree – but it’s not about the single tree but the whole movement in the right direction. We want to motivate people to live a more sustainable lifestyle. We plant tree by tree.” – Nicholas Hänny (CEO & Co-Founder of NIKIN) 

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