MOJI's Foot Pro Massager

Someone, somewhere has finally made a breakthrough in the realm of plantar fasciitis treatment and MOJI, having had developed their Foot Pro Massager, deserves ample credit for shining a bright light in a dark field of uncertain solutions and frustratingly ineffective products

I’ve dealt with plantar fasciitis for the better part of a year now, and as I’m often running and biking trails, I haven't necessarily had a proper chance to let my foot heal. Having tried over half a dozen different products, from tapes to sleeves to inserts, I’m more than happy to claim that MOJI has finally made something that works to not only offer pain relief but a treatable solution.

Plantar fasciitis is a common cause of heel pain, consisting of inflammation along the thick band of tissue (the plantar fascia) running across the bottom of the foot. This tissue connects the heel bone to the toes, and it’s with this tissue that the problem must be solved. Sleeves, which compress this tissue, don’t do much. Inserts, which minimize impact on the heel with each step, are good for preventative therapy but also don’t do much in terms of treatment and pain management. MOJI’s Foot Pro Massager, however, actually works to massage the tissue and alleviate tension. Moreover, the fact that the spheres can be  cooled in the freezer means that inflammation is treated simultaneously (what they mean when they say ‘dual therapy’) through targeted angular massage and instantly-appreciated cooling.

Beyond the tremendous fact that this device actually works, there's something to also be said about its versatility and portability. It’s easy to pack, weighing about 1lb, and can be used while sitting or standing. The gripped rubber base keeps the massager firmly planted when constantly pushing and dragging the heel along the six metallic spheres and, after some extensive use, is proving adequately durable.

The spheres themselves are ultra-effective given their multi-angled approach to massaging the plantar fascia, and this is likely the reason that Victor Viner, lifelong athlete and creator of the Foot Pro Massager, has developed such an effective form of treatment with this product. The first time I had used it, I knew it had been designed by someone who suffered from the same ailment I’d been dealing with.

Don’t get me wrong – the best forms of treatment for plantar fasciitis include consistent stretching and a targeted physio routine (personally, I find that swimming helps loosen all the foot tissues and muscles best of all) but these ought to also be supplemented with anything that can help. Gel inserts help, as do wraps and sleeves, though the MOJI Foot Pro Massager is a one-man band that I now instantly recommend as a starting point for anyone suffering from plantar fasciitis.  

Some specs and features as per MOJI:

  • Dual therapy pain relief: by stretching and massaging the entire plantar fascia the MOJI foot massager helps relieve pain by simply rolling your foot over the massager. The patented stainless steel spheres can be placed inside your freezer to add the cooling benefits of an ice massage

  • Targeted relief:  the unique 6 sphere design ensures that all angles of your foot can be massaged

  • Convenient design: a slip-resistant base, and lightweight design means pain relief and comfort on the go

  • Ease of use: designed to be used either standing or sitting- even while watching TV

  • Made in the USA: proudly made in the USA, and fully backed by a 1-year warranty

  • Product Dimensions: 11.3 x 10.2 x 3.8 cm 

  • Shipping Weight: 499 g

Ultimately, this is a product that I'm happy to stand behind; as an avid runner and lover of movement, nothing is more deflating than being prevented from giving 100% on a trail or on any kind of expedition. MOJI has allowed me to speed up my recovery and get back to doing what I love to be doing, and for that, I'm unequivocally happy to promote the Foot Pro Massager.