COVID-19 and Anxiety

A sample of surveyed Reddit users who have self-admittedly contracted or tested positive for the Coronavirus.

Quick note: the answers below are inherently biased as they are pooled from forums in Reddit in which users who have tested positive are recounting their experiences and discussing their respective symptomology. 

A two-question survey had been circulated through Reddit which served to ask the following:

1. On a scale of 1–10 (1=No symptoms and 10 = Severe symptoms) how would you rate your current symptoms? 
2. Have you previously suffered from anxiety or are you generally prone to stress?

Ostensible errors in the methodology and the questions themselves are acknowledged, particularly the short-sighted nature of the question (which ought to have asked about respondents symptoms at their worst) and the survey pool itself (Reddit forums are far from a fairly representative demographic); nevertheless, the findings serve to illustrate the pervasive nature of stress in our society today and provide some anecdotal comments on those who claim to have contracted the virus. 

These results will serve as a preamble to a more comprehensive survey with greater accuracy, less flawed methodology and a more narrowed focus. 

The answers below have not been modified in any other way except for being shortened for the sake of brevity or divided for the sake of clarity. No answers have been withheld or omitted; the order of answers presented below reflects the same order of answers submitted. 

I'm fully recovered and symptom-free now, but at the heigh of it I'd probably have given it a 6? Not all symptoms were of equal severity, but the exhaustion and malaise did a number on me.

I have indeed suffered from anxiety for my entire life, I've been diagnosed with OCD and Generalized Anxiety Disorder. So COVID didn't drive me crazy, I was already there

I’ve felt totally fine the last few days, but I’d say my symptoms were at a 3 most of the time. Maybe a 4 here and there.

I’m generally a nervous person, being stuck inside a lot hasn’t helped. But I’ve been managing.

i would rate my symptoms at a 7. it sucked but didnt die or need intubation

and if i rated general stress levels it would prob be a 5. 

1- I’d say 6.5. I am in week 7. I still have persistent stabbing pain in my left side and I am getting tingles in my head plus the headache. I also have joint pain, shortness of breath, muscle twitching and its not getting any better. 

2- before answering this question I was so unfortunate in Jan and Feb as I was not getting enough sleep (5hours) staying late playing video games. I had a massive amount of stress related to school, life, and family stuff. When I started having symtopms I was mortified anxious and so stressed . What made me more stressed was the fact that I recognized that someone infected me on purpose, I was so angry and furious. I am 23 and I have no health issues prior to this and I definitely think my lack of sleep and stress that I put myself under was why I am getting wiped by the virus. One more thing to add I don’t have a healthy life style I drink Coca-Cola everyday and I have one meal a day. I had a burning sensation in my chest for 2 weeks. And Ian left dealing with other symtopms till week 7. I hope that my answer could help in some way.

i would classify my symptoms as about a 5, maybe a 6–7 during the first two days which were when the fatigue was worse.

im very stress prone due to being busy/an anxiety disorder which has made me immune system worse in the past. it may have played a role in me developing the symptoms too, as ive seen it the other infected people i know (who live with me) have more easygoing lifestyles and didnt get fever/fatigue as bad as i did

1: 3;

2: no

3 and I have panic disorder. 

Some anxiety but it’s usually managed

Probably a 6 or 7. Cough was bad. Fever dreams and night sweats. What is weird is that it was only a few days. Could have been the flu but idk it was weird

it comes in waves. anywhere from 10 to 7 as of the last 10 days or so. it has been lower before, week 2 to 3 was easier, as low as 3 or 4, maybe 5. But yeah last 10 days has been from 7 to 10. extremely concerning symptoms, I thought I would die all weekend, saying goodbye to family.

I have had anxiety in the past, but mental health, at least for me, kind of takes a back seat to life threatening illness.

I do have anxiety now, but it's a legitamte concern. Not sure what levle of fear is appropriate with possible terminal illness and death.

2 (it changes to a 3/4 at night). 

Yes, and I’ve had panic attacks which exacerbated my symptoms.

Currently 4/10 symptoms

2. Yes, I have generalized anxiety disorder and ptsd. I work in a night stress work place.

8 (all symptoms were bad but what’s preventing it from being a 10 is that I was able to breathe and not require a ventilator)

Yes, I suffer from anxiety but only during times of high stress.

Hi would be a 1 and I have never suffered from anxiety or am really that prone to stress.

3 and no

Currently I don’t feel any symptoms, I would rate a 2, because I am physically a bit weak. I have had some reasons in the past, that caused me to be stressed. But that was handled long ago before the covid 19 pandemic

On a scale of 1–10 it would be a 1. The only thing I notice off about me is my lack of taste and smell, leading to a decreased appetite. No coughing, fever, SOB. If it wasn’t for the loss of senses I wouldn’t think I have it.

2. I do suffer from anxiety occasionally but it got bad at the start of March due to corona fears. I got prescribed anxiety meds for the first time because of corona.

My symptoms were probably a 4/5

And I do have Generalized Anxiety and am prone to panic attacks

Current symptoms rated at a 3 (for this moment, generally depends on the time of day. Can easily go to a 6 or 7 but for THIS moment, 3)

Yes i am generally prone to stress. I am a high stress person


Yes; very high stress prior


Yes and yes

I’d rate my symptoms an 8 out of 10, and yes I have anxiety and am prone to stress. 

I’d rate my symptoms at a 2 because I’m still fatigued. I’ve never been diagnosed with anxiety. Sure, I guess I get stressed out sometimes.

1. 8 

2. Yes I suffer quite badly with anxiety/stress

1. 4

2. YES

My current symptoms (after the worst looking back beginning around March 15th/16th), could be rated as maybe a 4. Runny nose, congestion, excessive sneezing, and intermittent shortness of breath remains. My fever actually just broke. I have/do suffer from anxiety but feel as if I am able to manage it, and stress fairly well.

symptoms about 3

I have anxiety in the past, not so much now

1. 4 

2. Not much, some

1. I’d rate the current symptoms at 5. Not exactly severe,but not something that can be ignored either (bloating, stomach constantly filled with air, frequent urination, pain in the kidney region, pain in the cervical area, general malaise that comes and goes) 2. I do tend to get anxious, but usually only in very high-stress situations.

Symptoms at illness peak were 8. No anxiety, but I have panic disorder. It’s genetic though, so not caused by stress or any factors than my adrenaline system.


22 out of 28 respondents indicated that they do currently or have previously suffered from some form of stress, anxiety or nervousness.

10 respondents noted that they have been diagnosed with some form of panic disorder or anxiety, or had described their levels of stress and/or anxiety as being high. 

All six respondents who indicated that they do not suffer from any anxiety or stress scored their symptoms as a 3 or lower (3, 3, 3, 2, 1, 1).