Electromagnetic Meditations

Something strange happened the other night. 

As I sat under a star-lit sky of a cold autumn night, I did what I normally do after my workout and began a particular breathing exercise that entails a series of exaggerated inhales and exhales. 

This particular breathing exercise, at its peak, involves a momentary distortion of the senses, notably auditory and less so visual, due to the physiological change in C02, blood pH and constriction of blood vessels. (I covered it with a neurologist). 

However, this time I noticed something else happen, something external. 

As I did this exercise, I had been wearing a pair of faulty wireless earphones that, despite being on and connected to my phone, hadn’t been playing anything at all. In such a state, they emit a very subtle frequency/static that becomes unnoticeable after a few moments.

At the very peak of my breathing exercise, during which point the sensory experience shifts quite dramatically (causing the aforementioned distortions to occur), the static being emitted from the earphones shifted, changing in pitch or tone. 

It lasted only a moment, but it was clear. 

The skeptic in me would have thought it to be the auditory distortion caused by the breathing exercise but, after doing this particular regimen daily, I’ve become acutely aware of how sounds (passing cars, an oscillating fan or an engaged furnace) will perceptually change. 

This was different. 

And I really didn’t read much into it until I repeated the exercise in a controlled environment. That’s when things became more interesting.

Stay tuned — as I’ve been prompted to explore this phenomenon deeper. 

Update: 06-DEC-2022:

Though extremely preliminary, my research has so far taken me into the world of physiological radiation. One interesting study conducted by William Joines, serves to confirm that the body does in fact effectuate increased electromagnetic emissions during times of intensive focus.

Then there's the pseudo-scientific world of "heart math" - which is either one of the most brilliant marketing schemes ever idealized or a legitimately exciting new avenue into exploring our para-physiological states of performative capability.

I'm also aligning things towards an ambition to measure this phenomenon a little bit more effectively, using IR and EMF detection mechanisms to both satisfy my own curiosity and, of course, come up with something worthy of space atop the Borealism front page. 

Stay tuned.