The Adaptogenic Sessions - AAM1 Study

This is the first study in a series that will explore the Aggregate Adaptogenic Momentum Theory.

AAM theory posits that all of our systems can optimize better if they optimize together; that curating neurochemical improvements will lead to optimized physiological responsivity which effectuates subconscious benefits, as new standards are set, new expectations created, and new limits defined, before the cycle then repeats itself.

If we can nurture the brain to function as effectively as possible, it can then instigate the best physical responsivity in our body; this creates a new standard for performance and opens up new potential for the mind to grasp; the cycle then repeats, all under the umbrella of elevating our performative capability.

It's a tripartite formula: The neurological signaling; the physiological responsivity; the psychological  recalibration. And repeat. 

This is a live document, so stay tuned for updates.

Partnering with Endorf, an online retailer of adaptogenic supplements, Borealism is seeking to test the AAM theory by way of conducting several group trials with designated participants who will complete a series of runs to validate this hypothesis.

As of this time (Feb 9th, 2023), we have four participants who have received the products (a pre-workout adaptogenic supplement, as described below) and are set to commence the study on February 19th, 2023.

Over the course of four weeks, the participants will complete two runs per week (one short, one long) and track all physical progress (via Strava) while also monitoring their psychological states. 

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The Product
The Application
The Physical Metrics
The Psychological Metrics

Week 1 (Control) 
Week 2 Findings
Week 3 Findings
Week 4 Findings

Study Publication 


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