The Compendium of Psilocybin-Supplemented Performance Insights

I've decided to create a working compendium of the experiences that people have written in to Borealism with, regarding their psilocybin-related regimens and results, cultivated in a sportive or performance-based context. 

In the interest of pure objectivity (and brevity), I'm currently foregoing a narrated curation of the experiences below - they're just published for general perusal. Some accounts have been edited to eliminate personal details or irrelevant points, or to string numerous discussions together into one insight. 

I'll aim to periodically update this post with bulk additions of accounts that trickle on over time. 


"C.M." October 21st, 2022:

"I used psilocybin at .18 mg ...

No particular application besides maybe some focus while shooting and training, I’m interested in its ability to get me into a “flow state” more often...

I generally went off of feel through the time and had I would say on average 3 days on a week at .18 consistently 


"S.T" September 19th, 2022:

Started at .15g and quickly got up to .5g before it was too distracting... noticed sweetspot at .3g but it would vary depending on what i ate, i was doing, etc... in like 3 months, noticed more improvement than i would with anything else and i've tried everything else there is to try short of actual steroids... it wasn't so much more energy as it was, like your essay says, being more engaged or into whatever i was doing, allowing me to work out longer or run harder... used it mainly for running and cycling but also for curling... plan to try it for non-physical stuff eventually like pool or golf. 


 "A.A." May 19th, 2022: 

One day on one day off at 200mg one week then 300mg the second week, break the third week. Best regimen that I've noticed for training physically... Weight lifting or cardio, but I try to be more cardio-heavy during the 300mg week... noticing a big difference weeks on compared to my weeks off...


"C.B." May 10th, 2022:

I found it doesn't noticeably affect muscular gains negatively. I took a dose of ~.33g on a rest day after a chest day, and the muscle mass increase after my 72 hour recovery period were as expected.


"R.", March 12th, 2022:

Microdosing for several yrs now - noticed improvement in every part of life, not just sport but also social, spritiual, work-related... Helps me train better/run harder/meditate better.. Using 20m[g] capsules, one/day, 4 days/3 days off

"C." Feb 3rd, 2022

I’m attaching my first months of microdosing. I’ve continued, with taking one month off last summer. December 3x, January 2x. I’ve never taken a dose over .6g... 
...Being solo in this journey without anyone to guide me, I did a ton of research in the past 20 months...
I’m 46, I’ve been boxing for exercise for 12 years, I also labor in my job, I am the only female. I totally did not even expect a physical change! My mind is blown, boxing is even more amazing and it’s like I’m 30! My experience has removed small ptsd, life long depression, balanced my gut, helped change habits, feel joy from the inside! Meditate into outer space! 
My ultimate goal in the beginning was to quit smoking. And that’s the only thing I haven’t done-I’m so health conscious in every other area of my being. I do indulge in cannabis yet I don’t take Advil, or any medicine.

"L.", Feb 4th, 2022:
I was researching Psilocybe cubensis & performance.

I used high dosages (3~4g dehydrated) of mushroom for 1 year for spiritual purposes...2~3 years later my performance in several areas increased sharply...

"B.", Sept 24th, 2021:
Hi, I've been microdosing mushrooms on and off for a year, I see immense changes and improvements in my life. Recently I decided to start losing weight, 
started a keto diet and going to workout everyday, but keeping that energy to do it every day and completely change my habit is being challenging for me,
I figured I can start microdosing again to help me change my habit.


"T." Sept 13th, 2021 [Follow up to April 28th, 2020]:

I started training again. Averaging 22-29km of hiking over a 4-5 day week. Ran my first 16km race in 1:51 backcountry single track trail.

Microdosing helped so much more than I could have imagined.

"D.N.", July 12th, 2021:

I've microdosed for over a year now and I can say full well that it has improved my physical and mental capabilites beyond measure, no doubt. I think everyone should at least try it - it's not like you lose your senses, it's like your study says - a strong cup of coffee, but one that penetrates into your other faculties. 

I noticed I can run longer, focus better, think more effectivey and perform much better on days i'm microdosing compared to day's i'm not. 

"T." April 28th, 2020:

I have been microdosing for the past year-and-a-half now, with a 2 on, three off weekly schedule, and a 2 month on, 1 month off schedule right now. I am and have been on a vegan diet for three years now with a stable weight of around 71kg. I also microdose with cannabis for mental health wellness and full-spectrum CBD for helping to heal injuries faster... 


If you'd like to send in your insights - feel free to do so