Nova Sententia: A New Way to See

In this Borealism-E [Essential] post...

_A problem
_A solution
_A new way

The problem: A broken compass, scratched with paradigmatic grooves

In reality, and in our quest to discover how our reality operates, we can should/would/could try to simplify a bit by basing how things work on, well, how things work.

We over-compartmentalize knowledge; we allow tenure or status to obscure our minds; we force-feed outdated methods of inquiry and treat mass learning as a commodified product; we censor and self-sabotage our curiosity because of cultural displeasures; we restrict access to information; we let money or access to funding be the primary motivator or a powerful variable in too many equations.

We’re not perfect, though we try to be, and we’re not necessarily destitute; and though the stream of optimistic perspective seems to run more dry every year, there’s hope yet with respect to how we can correct this seemingly sinking ship.

While our knowledge of the world is rooted in simple observation, upon which we form hard rules of logic regarding the way that matter works or how energy moves, our layering is a bit all over the place.

What's needed, then, is some simplification; the necessity to get out of our way and to get back to simple observation. 

The solution: A revitalized focus on the essential nature of all things