The Borealism Philosophy

Neuro / Physio / Philo

Borealism is a barebones roadside attraction seeking to supplement reality with new ways to perceive everything both within us and outside of us. It's meant to cultivate and store insights regarding human nature and the nature of reality via interviews, articles, essays, studies, and theories.

Borealism is a timeless space, not bound by any need to chronologically fragment content into volumes or editions, welcoming new exhibits whilst also keeping older pieces front and center. 


For ages, philosophy has stood by us as a crucial exercise in curiosity. By understanding the world around us as we know it, we can better understand our own place within it. 

We all perceive time differently. We all have a different fundamental definition of what it means to be human. We all interface with a reality that we barely understand. 

Whether the answers lie within our own consciousness, in the vast infinitude of space or in the subatomic world, philosophy is central to understanding our own human nature. 


We're enamored with the workings of our own cognizance, be it surface-level thought or sub-surface consciousness. Today, it's easy to take our subconsciousness for granted, but in reality, it's the primary driver of all we do.

By understanding how the mind works [hardware and software], we can better position ourselves to learn much more about our own human nature. With the rampant evolution of neurotechnology, we're also gaining insights like never before, insights seeking to confirm that there's much more at play than we realize.
How can we leverage concepts like neuroplasticity and practices like lucid dreaming towards our navigation through reality?


Like the mind, the body has its share of unknowns. 

How do some remarkable people achieve the kinds of unfathomable feats that they achieve? How can we improve upon our physiological circumstances in more creative ways, like understanding bioelectromagnetics or electrophysiology? From adaptogens to psychedelics, the world offers us tools and keys to unlock new potential. 


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