The Borealism Philosophy

Philo / Psycho / Physio

Borealism is a barebones roadside attraction laying far, but not too far, from mainstream media and seeking to curate engaging content supplemented with insights from interesting people, all under a mission to understand human nature through a multitude of different angles. 

Borealism is a timeless space, not bound by any need to chronologically fragment content into volumes or editions, welcoming new exhibits whilst also keeping old ones front and center. 


For ages, philosophy has stood by us as a crucial exercise in curiosity. By understanding the world around us as we know it, we can better understand our own place within it. 

We all perceive time differently. We all have a different fundamental definition of what it means to be human. We all interface with a reality that we barely understand. 

Whether the answers lie within our own consciousness, in the vast infinitude of space or are awaiting discovery in the form of archaeological digs and dark matter studies, philosophy is central to understanding our own human nature. 


We're enamored with the workings of our own cognizance, be it surface-level thought or sub-surface consciousness. Today, it's easy to take our subconsciousness for granted, but in reality, it's the primary driver of all we do.

By understanding how the mind works, we can better position ourselves to learn much more about our own human nature. With the rampant evolution of technology, we're also gaining insights like never before, insights seeking to confirm that there's much more at play than we realize.


Like the mind, the body has its share of unknowns. 

How do people achieve the kinds of unfathomable feats that they achieve? How do astronauts handle weightlessness for years; how will we continue to integrate with technology; how are we physically influenced by unseen and unknown forces? 

Whether diving 1000 feet beneath an ocean surface or climbing 30,000 feet to conquer a mountain - humans have a remarkable ability to push the envelope with respect to any endeavor. 
Looking at both the soft and hard ware of the human animal can allow for a comprehensive glimpse into what we're really made of.