Just a sprout in a foggy jungle


Forests are a little foggy and waters murky when it comes to, what many may call, natural health products. To be clear, these aren't the kinds of products being sold here. Rather, Borealism seeks to offer natural experience products to its consumers. This distinction is to be made for good reason. 

Corporate moxie has resulted in an uneven playing field, so a lot of contention arises with respect to herbal or botanical therapies. Despite their use across cultures and eons, scientific study in the field of herbal medicine remains questionably limited. Thus, under the imposing shadow of corporate influence, it’s therefore generally accepted that there’s no actual scientific evidence to support the timelessly stated benefits of herbal or botanical supports in daily living. Though, things are slowly changing. 

Beyond this, numerous laws and regulations seek to prevent dispensers of herbal solutions from making any sort of claims regarding the benefits in the sale and distribution of natural resources without first jumping through a maze of bureaucratic and administrative hoops. 

That's why Borealism places such a large emphasis on uniting science and philosophy as well as making it abundantly clear that, in no way whatsoever, are any products featured here meant to remedy, prevent, therapy, alleviate, supplement, cure, solve, or treat any medical conditions. 

All products here are associated with a lifestyle, focusing on bringing nature into the spheres of body and mind. Though certain compounds have clear physiological or psychological effects, as is substantiated with scientific research or parlayed with folk history, Borealism does not seek to do more than to illustrate and summarize these findings. 

All visitors are encouraged to do their own research and understand that any compounds or ingredients sold on this website are not to be considered a replacement for conventional (or contemporary) medicine, nor are they to be regarded as any sort of replacement for medical treatment to cure, prevent, alleviate, treat or assist with any physiological or psychological conditions. 

Borealism operates under the context of simply bringing nature into the picture of daily life. It’s about steeping the mind more than the body to provoke natural relaxation that’s free of synthetic chemicals or artificialities. In this way, an experience is being sold, not a health product. 

Return Policy

Borealism is a new idea entirely and, as such, it’s not expected to be perfect as it gets its footing along the start of the path. It relies upon the feedback of its consumers to grow and evolve, and in that way, Borealism is a living entity that is symbiotic with those who support it. 

As it works to find its groove with its selection of supplies, sourced materials, packaging, and partnerships, Borealism is far from the perfect entity it so wishes it could be. Patience and understand is greatly appreciated as things continue to grow, raising standards with every transaction and partnership. 

A partial refund is offered on all products so long as two conditions are met: a photo of the product (used) is submitted along with a description of why expectations had not been met — anything from the labeling or visual presentation to the aromatic intensity (or lack thereof). This isn’t meant to deter consumers from requesting refunds but, rather, meant to cultivate feedback so as to help Borealism continuously improve. 

Requests for partial refunds can be submitted via the contact form below. 

In the event that a product is truly defective, a full refund is provided upon receipt of a photo and/or description of the defect. Note that products are not required to be returned upon the issuance of a refund, and that shipping costs are not refundable in any event.