HD [Highly-Descriptive] Product Reviews

Statistics show that, more than ever, potential consumers require convincing before taking a chance on a product.

• 77% of consumers take the time to read product reviews before committing to a purchase online - Business.com 

In an age of immediate information transfer and the unfathomable ease at which reviews can be posted (making or breaking a product or reputation), it has never been this important to ensure that reviews are thorough, convincing and accurate. 

• 90% of Consumer say online reviews impact their buying decisions - Marketingland.co

As I’m on the trails often, I'm afforded the distinctive opportunity of being able to thoroughly assess a multitude of products meant for outdoor use. 

I can review your product on the website of any retailer with which it’s sold, noting any particular features that ought to be noted while providing a detailed narrative of my experience.  

• 50% of all prospective customers will visit a business's website after reading positive online reviews - BryanCaplan.com

A featured spot on Borealism.ca is also available for lease, along with an accompanying review, photos, and list of retailers. Every few weeks, a new product is featured in this space for all visitors to see. 

Lastly, I also offer reviews on social media through the detailed and documented use of a product on an excursion. 

Types of products I’m able to review:

- Portable Water filters
- Bug repellents, sun screens, salves and balms
- Fire starters and other ‘survival kit’ essentials
- Swimming gear: fins, webs, goggles, snorkels, dry sacks
- Cameras, binoculars, monoculars
- Shoes, boots, socks and gaiters
- Clothing: gloves, rain jackets, fabrics, scarves, hats, wraps
- Ponchos, rain covers and tarps
- Cords, tapes, straps, bands
- Packs and storage equipment 
- Mountain-biking accessories: helmets, repair kits, tires
- Multi-tools, fold-able knives, wire and pocket saws
- Flash lights, headlamps, other LED products
- Hiking accessories: compasses, walking sticks, crampons
- Towels, bandannas, neck tubes, warmers
- Snacks, gels, bars, drinks
- Supplements and Nutritional Enhancements 
- Balms, wipes, soaps, sprays, cleansers
- Waterproof or water-resistant gear
- Anything else that’s consistent with, but not mentioned, on this list.

My product reviews are comprehensive, thorough, and hinder upon my brand - so they are in no way falsified or questionable to their source and credibility. In other words, I offer a legitimate and reputable portal through which a review can be formulated and shared.

Note that, for the most part, I just have a pack with me as I’m either running, biking or snowshoeing, though I’m also able to review bulkier items (i.e. cooking gear, portable hammocks or chairs, tents or canopies, coolers, sleeping bags or sleeping pads); the turn around time in these cases would be longer given the time of year and expedition arrangements that are necessary. 


If you have a product that you’d like me to embark upon an expedition with, send me a proposal using the contact form below.  

Sidenote: It means a lot to me when a product that I take with me into the wilderness, whether on a run or on a bike, enhances my experience, and it is for this reason that I offer this service. For a product to cost me money and take up valuable pack space, only to fail in its intended purpose, is disappointing to say the least and is not something that I’d be willing to promote or stand behind. Note that I do not write bad reviews — if there are too many negatives associated with a product, I will simply not proceed with posting any reviews and not charge for the service in the first place. 

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