Sustainability Efforts

A large component of reverence for the wilderness consists of protecting it. Our consumption of natural resources as a human civilization is proliferating at a critical rate. It's a sad reality that, maybe, we're becoming all the more enamored with nature nowadays because we're slowly coming to realize that we don't have much time left with it. 

Under this context, Borealism is committed to sustainability efforts in three ways:

i. It's own footprint

Borealism isn't perfect, especially in its infancy stage, though strives to minimize consumption and utilization of all resources involved. This means a commitment to biodegradable materials whenever possible, minimal packaging, non-paper operating systems, and the adoption of green and eco-friendly practices whenever possible to leave as carbon neutral a footprint as possible.

ii. Awareness campaigns via social media 

Secondly, Borealism is committed to the persistent promotion of sustainability efforts and reforestation initiatives, not just in the North but all over the world, leveraging it's social media presence to increase awareness. Some parts of the world, notably South America and Southeast Asia, remain especially vulnerable towards corporate ambitions that amount in massive deforestation. Brazil, for instance, is unfortunately on track to eliminating over 50% of it's biodiversity through deforestation and 80% of Peru's deforestation is the result of illegal and uncommissioned practices ( Using it's increasingly expansive voice and social media presence, Borealism hopes to fan the flames of reforestation initiatives. 

iii. Direct Funding for Sustainability Efforts

As Borealism is committed to allocating a portion of all sales towards reforestation projects, it has partnered with Accordingly, one tree will be planted for each and every product sold on