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Wild Boreal Blend Tea

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"Boreal Blend Tea is a deeply aromatic herbal tea made from the best of the boreal forest. Steeping for 8-10 minutes fully allows the wild Elderberries, Bearberries, Oregon grapes, and Chokecherries to rehydrate and release their sweet immune boosting nectar into the brew. The Cedar and Spruce tips add a different type of sweetness, leaching out an an intoxicating resin that warms the body and acts as a mild diaphoretic. Mint tops it off with a refreshing lightness that makes every sip feel like a breath of fresh, mountain air."
- MountainMedicineHolistics 
This fully wild-crafted tea is sourced entirely from the Okanagan and contained within 100% biodegradable packaging that can be composted immediately after use.

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