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Wild Boreal Blend Tea

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"Boreal Blend Tea is a deeply aromatic herbal tea made from the best of the boreal forest. Steeping for 8-10 minutes fully allows the wild Elderberries, Bearberries, Oregon grapes, and Chokecherries to rehydrate and release their sweet immune boosting nectar into the brew. The Cedar and Spruce tips add a different type of sweetness, leaching out an an intoxicating resin that warms the body and acts as a mild diaphoretic. Mint tops it off with a refreshing lightness that makes every sip feel like a breath of fresh, mountain air."
- MountainMedicineHolistics 
This fully wild-crafted tea is sourced entirely from the Okanagan and contained within 100% biodegradable packaging that can be composted immediately after use.

"Pregnant women may enjoy an occasional cup but should not consume daily due to the cedar." MountainMedicineHolistics 
My personal experience with this tea
Take me at my unexaggerated word - this isn't like any other tea you've tried before. The cedar leaves and spruce tips offer an almost unnerving dive into unfamiliarity, though any apprehension is soon thwarted by the amazing symphony of taste and delectability offered by the Wild Boreal Blend tea. It's both strange and delicious, phenomenal and original - a medley that's well-thought out to provide an array of physiological benefits as well as delectable reward. 
I had used this tea during a detox, supplementing it with only some raw vegetables here and there, in an attempt to gauge its effects. I had been blown away - it kept me energized and alert, relaxed and at ease. I kept coming back to it, steeping it to every last drop, not only because of the detox but because my senses had been hooked on, as stated by the producers, the "refreshing lightness that makes every sip feel like a breath of fresh, mountain air".

Scientifically Speaking
The tea includes a powerhouse combination of ingredients that have been used traditionally in ancient Native and Chinese medicines for eons.
Cedar leaf itself is known for its anti-microbial properties:
Elderberries are regarded for their relief of cold symptoms:
Chokecherry is known for it's ability to treat anything from anxiety to colds as well as to relieve stomach pain and aid in digestion: 
Oregon Grape (AKA Berberine) has been studied for its antimicrobial activity. 
Rosehips are known for their anti-inflammatory actions and their ability to maximize the retention of phytochemicals (naturally occurring compounds): 
Bearberry leaves are known for their anti-oxidant properties: