A simple premise

Borealism is a lifestyle company which seeks to promote reverence for nature, to understand our own human nature and our consciousness, while simultaneously fostering relationships between like-minded producers and consumers.

Borealism aims to reintroduce nature into modern living, to mend the rift and bridge the gap between us and the natural sanctum from which we emanate and accentuate a way of living with the wilderness in a modern context while exploring the depths of our minds. 

In so doing, Borealism has come to create genuinely engaging content by introducing consumers to brands that they can identify with, as well as products that they find desirable. Borealism has also built a genuine social media presence that helps to promote brands, companies and products to a keen niche of like-minded, curiousity-driven followers. 



Content Creation Services

High-Resolution Wilderness Photography

Visual marketing is beginning to matter more than anything as the human eye is stimulated like never before. With the likes of Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest and others, companies need to immerse their target consumer into a visual experience in order to have any chance at cultivating interest. 

There are numerous settings by which your product can be photographed in - waterfall, lakeside, fireside, open fields, mountain lookouts, half-submerged, cave settings, beach front, snow. 

High-resolution photos of your product in the wilderness can be used on websites, social media pages, blogs and marketing.

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Highly-Descriptive Product Reviews

In an age of immediate information transfer and the unfathomable ease at which reviews can be posted (making or breaking a product or reputation), it has never been this important to ensure that reviews are thorough, convincing and accurate. 

"Working with Borealism has been fantastic. Not only are the reviews honest and indepth, but extremely detailed, well written, and informative. Very timely in providing the necessary content and communication when needed. Offers incredible photos and has provided an all around great marketing experience." 
 Tess Olsen, Renovo Water 


Featured spots on Borealism.ca are also available, along with an accompanying review, photos, and list of retailers. These pieces can highlight the vision of a company, detailing the brand and lifestyle that inspires a product. 

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Social Media Ambassadorship 

Influencing streams of social media followers is now more crucial than ever with respect to any marketing endeavor. Content designed specifically for use on platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr is vital towards maintaining consumer engagement. 


The ideal product or brand ambassador has a key role to play in the execution of a marketing effort. It must not allow for its own feed to become a dumping ground for product photos and endorsements - original and creative content must be weaved in with subtle and nuanced product placement to capture and hold consumer interest. 


Borealism is more than just a review service. It offers a long-lasting relationship of mutual opportunity and promotion. Your product can receive more than just temporary social media exposure - it can be promoted as the go-to product of future expeditions and, hopefully, a product that Borealism can stand behind and promote on a long-term basis.

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